Samsung’s Bada Developers website goes live, Bada SDK to be available soon

6:55 PM Edited by Blony

Developers interested in building applications for the new Samsung Bada smartphone OS can now start making concrete plans about what they want to develop, as the Bada Developers website has been launched.

The website is full of tutorials related to basically anything about Bada – from UI and graphics, to Communication, Web, Media, Security, Location Services and Data Synchronization. And, naturally, you’ll soon be able to download the Bada SDK via the website.

According to Samsung, there are already “hundreds of mobile application companies” that “are going on their own products, which will be sold at Bada application store.”

There’s also a Bada blog where various articles discussing technical issues are posted.

As previously reported, the Bada OS is based on Samsung’s TouchWiz UI. The first Samsung Bada phone should hit the market before mid-2010 (possibly called Samsung Bada S8200). Several other Bada devices will be launched by the end of the year, and Samsung expects to sell millions of them.

Via Samsung