Microsoft Zune / Pink phone coming in two months, WM7 included?

7:01 PM Edited by Blony

Ever wondered what happened to the rumored Microsoft Pink / Zune phone? Not much, it seems, but here’s a new rumor which pegs that a Zune-like phone will be unveiled by Microsoft in the next couple of months.

According to All Things Digital, Katherine Egbert (technology analyst at Jefferies) recently mentioned that the Zune-like handset might be announced either at MWC 2010 (in February), or at CTIA 2010 (in March).

Apparently, the new Microsoft phone will run Windows Mobile 7, featuring a “music subscription/purchasing service” and a 5MP camera with HD video recording.

We’ve recently heard that WM7 will be actually divided in two: Windows Phone Seven Business Edition, and Windows Phone Seven Media Edition (which reportedly supports Zune integration) – so if a Zune phone is indeed coming, it should be based on the Media Edition OS.

Of course, all this may be just nonsense – although Microsoft is surely readying something new for this spring. Whether it’s just Windows Mobile 6.6, or WM 7 and a Zune phone, we’ll see soon.

Via UV