Apple might make Microsoft’s Bing the default search engine for iPhone

7:04 PM Edited by Blony

Back in December, when Microsoft launched a free Bing app for Apple’s iPhone, most iPhone users probably didn’t care too much about it.

One month after, we’re now hearing that Apple might be in talks with long-time rival Microsoft to make Bing the default search engine for iPhone, instead of Google’s search engine – which is currently the default one.

The rumor comes from BusinessWeek, which quotes unnamed sources that are “familiar with the matter”. Reportedly, Apple could choose Microsoft’s Bing as the default iPhone search engine because Google recently became the company’s “primary enemy” (with the launch of Nexus One and the rising popularity of Android), while Microsoft remains “a pawn in that battle.”

Well, I can see what Apple is afraid of. For example, they certainly don’t want iPhone users to search something via Google and see ads for the Nexus One (Google has posted Nexus One ads on its homepage several times).

Apparently, the Bing-related discussions between Apple and Microsoft have started weeks ago, but the two companies have not reached an agreement yet.

In case the negotiations fail, it’s said that Apple is working on its own Web search solution – which would pretty much solve the “should we choose Google or Microsoft?” dilemma.

Via MacRumors