iPhone OS 4.0, Apple Tablet and iLife 2010 to be announced on January 27?

6:51 PM Edited by Blony

Apple announced an event that will take place on January 27 in San Francisco, where the Cupertino-based manufacturer will showcase its “latest creation”.

The company doesn’t give us more details, but one of the products that could be announced is the long-rumored Apple Tablet (possibly called iSlate).

In fact, FoxNews has it that an inside source says the event “would likely” focus not only on the Apple Tablet, but also on a brand new iPhone OS 4.0, as well as on iLife 2010 (new version of Apple’s suite of software apps for managing, editing, and publishing photos, music and videos).

It looks like we won’t see any new iPhone hardware this month – but that’s not a surprise, since Apple usually unveils its new iPhones in the summertime.

Not much else to do know other than wait for the Apple event to officially start – or wait for some product images that could appear earlier.

Via Engadget