Samsung, LG to launch Android 2.0 phones for SK Telecom

4:12 AM Edited by Blony

Remember those rumors about KT wanting to release an Android phone made by Samsung or LG? Well, new reports are coming from Korea, saying that KT’s rival carrier, SK Telecom, is also in talks with the two giant handset makers for developing Android devices.

According to Korea Times, SK will launch Android 2.0 phones next year. Apparently, both Samsung and LG have confirmed the fact that they will introduce Android handsets through SK in the first half of 2010.

SK Telecom might market the rumored Android 2.0 phones as iPhone rivals. KT has already announced that it would launch the iPhone in South Korea, so SK needs to offer alternatives to its customers.

Although SK can, theoretically, sell Apple’s handset as well, it looks like it won’t do it too soon.

“We are maintaining a wait-and-see approach for the iPhone. But we don’t intend to be aggressive and push for an early release,” declared an SK Telecom official.

Motorola (which recently launched the Droid / Milestone) is also readying an Android phone for Korea – now let’s wait and see which company releases its Google OS-based handset there first.

Via UV