iPhone 3G and 3GS heading to RadioShack, maybe Verizon too

4:20 AM Edited by Blony

Oh, iPhone. Every shop wants thee. RadioShack, or “The Shack” as hipsters call it, announced that it will be offering the iPhone 3G and 3GS by the end of this month to a limited number of stores initially.

Their press release (if you could call it that), offers little more information – the iPhone will be available in RadioShack stores in the New York metropolitan area and in the Dallas-Fort Worth. The iPhone will be available nationwide at RadioShack store some time in 2010.

Only the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS versions will be available, the original 2G version graciously stepped down a while ago, leaving room for iPhone Mini rumors. These iPhone Mini, AMOLED screen, iTablet, etc. rumors crop up on a regular basis. We haven’t checked, but our guess is they coincide with the full moon.

Here’s what the current rumor from the town’s tavern is – a UMTS/CDMA hybrid iPhone, with a smaller 2.8” screen. The smaller-screen iPhone rumor isn’t new, it’s just resurging, probably because it’s something people would be interested in if it was true.

The UMTS/CDMA hybrid is a different matter. The AT&T exclusivity for the iPhone is coming to an end, but the USA is a country divided as far as mobile carriers go. Some use UMTS, others - CDMA. Verizon, the biggest US carrier, uses CDMA and they’ve said they would be interested in getting the iPhone (who wouldn’t?) and rumor has it they will get it in the third quarter of 2010 (the UMTS/CDMA hybrid apparently).

Take this with a grain of salt, as current CDMA carriers seem to be jumping ship to LTE – the fourth generation of GSM. We wonder how long it will take for an LTE iPhone rumor to surface.

Via AppleInsider