ZyXEL's MWR222 Mobile Wireless Router will stop at nothing to get you connected

4:09 AM Edited by Blony

Finding connections on the road can be tough, but like a digital Sherpa ZyXEL's MWR222 will drag you straight to that bounteous broadband then sit by quietly while you take all the credit. It can act as a wired router, connecting to your DSL or cable line and beaming out 802.11g/b/n wireless, but also offers integrated 3G/4G support, meaning just about wherever and whenever you turn this on you should find a connection. It'll even keep track of your monthly wireless plan quota and help you avoid expensive charges. An integrated battery means completely wireless operation and a rugged design means it won't complain if you throw it in the bottom of your laptop bag when it ships sometime in Q1 of next year. That said, at $299 you probably won't want to be too rough with it.

Via businesswire