Ginormous Palm Pre shows new Japanese-only 'Contacts' card in Heroes promo

8:07 PM Edited by Blony

We'll confess -- only a few Engadget staffers are still hanging tight to see if Heroes will ever become the flagship show that it looked to be in season uno, but there's no denying that the whole crew will be watching the premiere that drops on September 21st. Why? 'Cause evidently there's a ridiculously large, presumably GSM-based Palm Pre making an appearance, and it'll be showing off the newest webOS feature: an updated 'Contacts' card. We could be off base here, but it looks as if the new card will sport psychedelic graphics and Japanese expressions when someone dials in, though we've a tough time believing anyone in real life ever secured one of those mythical '555' numbers.

Via Engadget Spanish