LG's GB230 ditches the headphones and keeps the FM flowing

8:06 PM Edited by Blony

A great many of the world's phones can tune FM radio -- it's basically a standard feature in some developing countries -- but most of them are hogtied by a necessary evil: the headphones act as the antenna. Enter the GB230 slider from LG, an otherwise uninteresting entry-level slider that proudly boasts of its "Wireless FM" capability with a big silkscreened logo below the screen, meaning you're able to tune FM to your heart's content without plugging in. It's also got live radio recording and a microSD slot to save all that scintillating talk programming you're into, Bluetooth 2.1, and USB connectivity for 4,790 rubles (about $158) -- not bad for a phone that can do something most $600 phones can't.

Via PhoneArena