Blackberry Essex, Striker Outed; More on the Way in 2010?

8:09 PM Edited by Blony

Stop the presses! We have just learned that the same guy responsible for the recent Blackberry Storm 2 videos is now finding notoriety by leaking details on three brand new Blackberry phones.

Those phones are the Blackberry Essex, Striker (9100) and Curve 8530 (Curve 2).

Little is known about these phones, but here’s what he does know or is at least willing to share about each one:

Blackberry Essex – This is basically the Tour 2, a 3G/CDMA/WiFi-packed device that comes with a trackpad and another “extra surprise that I bet you’ll love.” Touchscreen? A tap-dancing ninja? I’m on pins and needles here!

Blackberry Striker 9100 – Slimmer than the upcoming 9700 (Bold 2) and is a 3G device with trackpad.

Blackberry Curve 8530 – This is the CDMA variant of the 8520. Not much more to it than that.

Also, our source explains that up to 16 devices are in the works for 2010, which sounds like a rather large undertaking for RIM.

We’ll update you as we get fresh information. For now, we expect to see these hit sometime before 2010 so keep your eyes peeled.

Via Cool Guy Report