Sony Ericsson smartbook reportedly coming soon

6:42 AM Edited by Blony

Not long after we reported about Nokia’s plans to make a smartbook (in collaboration with Compal), we’re now hearing that Sony Ericsson wants to launch a smartbook, too.

According to Netbooknews, “a reliable Taiwanese source” has confirmed the fact that Sony Ericsson is working on a smartbook that’s coming “soon.”

Details are scarce at the moment, so there’s no word yet if said smartbook is based on a Qualcomm Snapdragon platform or not.

Theoretically, a smartbook is something in between a smartphone and a netbook. So I don’t know what exactly we should expect from Sony Ericsson’s smartbook. Perhaps a maximized Xperia? Or something similar to a Sony VAIO P-series sub-netbook (seen below)?

Regardless of what it will look like, the SE smartbook has lots of chances to be a really nice device. Now let’s hope that Sony Ericsson will indeed launch it.

Via UV