Prohibitions on the Windows Marketplace (some consistent, others not so much)

6:50 AM Edited by Blony

. A few days ago that they contábamos Windows Marketplace, the new store applications for Windows Mobile, and is accepting membership applications. Today we learned that there is a clear list of prohibitions in the store (see PDF).

Prohibitions on VoIP applications that use the 3G network operators, or to promote plans for voice and data from other mobile operators to the seller (apparently not mention anything about using the cell phone as modem), seemingly out of time, and it is which prevents Apple.

Also prohibited any type of application to replace the native applications for SMS and MMS, or change some preferences on the use of proprietary applications for Microsoft, shows that did not learn anything from the Explorer or Media Player.

The most acceptable of all these restrictions is to prohibit the application update files larger than 10MB via OTA, because that would collapse the network and generate plenty of connection errors.

Another good prohibition on applications that are only links to websites, something is happening in the shop BlackBerry.

It is also prohibited any application that makes use of user data, or make available "in the cloud" without having asked permission (opt-in). Something very good for us as users. Includes location.

Another of the prohibitions about those ads that can be displayed in the applications, 100% shall comply with the terms of Microsoft Advertising Creative (what is AdSense? This will prevent the market with advertising Pr0n?).

Some restrictions appear to be consistent, others less so, such as the VoIP or the native applications. Windows Marketplace hopefully not committed serious errors incurred in the Apple iTunes App Store and this short list does not spread further.

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