Rumors of new Android Samsung Houdini G1 and Version 2 of "Bigfoot"

6:45 AM Edited by Blony

Jokes easy with Houdini's name in a cell should not have many but I prefer not to make them kill me in the comments;) So it turns to go without what matters.

After you filter the information about the HTC T-Mobile MyTouch 3G roadmap now reached the full course of T-Mobile and Android.

We can see a device called Samsung Houdini ends confirming that if the family would join the company's Android with the new I7500. According to the document would be coming to United States this fall (spring for us).

For the same period also came a device which is now named G1 v2 with the code name "Bigfoot" and it looks it is a touchscreen and sliding QWERTY keyboard with rounded design.