Since the Sony Ericsson confirms Xperia X2 and X5 arrive until

6:53 AM Edited by Blony

. After that last week the CEO of Skyhook appointment in an interview almost as Xperia X2 at last, we needed some kind of confirmation from Sony Ericsson to quickly increase the rumors about the alleged device.

And it could not be otherwise than Twitter to demonstrate that they are a company that is in the wave;) was of Harold Kort, manager of marketing communications at Sony Ericsson Benelux, who dared to twitter on the topic and to be seen whether he did to win a few fans or if they really gave it the ok from the company.

"Of course, after a X1 is X2, X3, X4 and X5. What else is new. " That was the executive that made the twitter of SE, which also has just confirmed that the Xperia family is keen to expand everything.

According to people from Unwired View, numbering De Kort said that it would be exactly that, but after the X2 would be coming directly X5. What happens to the X3 and X4? 4 is an unlucky number in Asia and does not think so, and 3 have any negative connotation in Russia.