Will's death approaching sites optimized for mobile?

9:38 AM Edited by Blony

. In the mobile industry has always been a prerequisite for having a presence in the cell with a suitable site for the devices, taking into account either the small or that the page load faster.

But today it is beginning to change due to data transfer rates ever higher and browsers that provide an experience "almost desktop like Opera Mobile, Skyfire, and Safari. Let us not forget that today over 60% of users accessing mobile internet do so from an iPhone.

It is clearly not the case in countries "developing", where the vast majority do not yet have a smartphone, but the trend indicates that we are on that path.

In PocketNow pose the question of whether users already enjoy a complete online experience from their mobile websites or if you prefer simple and optimized for the devices. What do you think? The survey is nearly 50 and 50 for both sides, 1 years ago something that certainly has not been given anywhere near.

Companies also can not afford to disregard the huge amount of users who do not have 3G or a device with a huge screen so far. So they should offer both options and detect from which type of mobility has to offer its visitors the best experience, although many are not doing yet.