Nokia N97 will come with Vodafone, the N86 also?

9:35 AM Edited by Blony

After approval by the FCC, it was hoped that some operations out to show that launched the Nokia N97 for over a quarter that is missing entirely (believe me, an eternity).

Vodafone was the hand that won them all and put the device in slider QWERTY keyboard section of your next mobile United Kingdom, with launch date for July.

And in turn, Vodafone Germany is responsible for confirming the N97 but no date in this case. As to Spain, things are not entirely clear and is now said that it might also sell Movistar.

As if this were not enough news, a representative of Vodafone also confirmed that at this time are testing the software of your Nokia N86 with 8 MPX camera, and if all goes well it will launch "sooner or later."