Apple patent to adjust the UI according to use

9:33 AM Edited by Blony

. That Apple likes to be protected with patents is not new. We have already seen a few, from which recovers the stolen cellphone, which allows the use of biometric sensors, and even those that are violating their own rules;). And although we saw a similar, now we learned that Apple patented a way to change the menu in the user interface according to the context where it is used by recording the movements of the iphone using the accelerometer.
It's as complicated as it sounds, is that the iPhone fits the size of icons or relocate them, according to whether the user takes his iphone in a busy place as the subway for example, so as to facilitate further more use.

The patent also describes how the touch screen could increase the amount of pressure required to initiate a command, avoiding the pressure of an accidental unwanted command, among other functions. The innovation is supported by a bunch of algorithms to make it effective, and we are confident that we will hear more of this in the future.