Under half of Samsung mobile phones have OLED screens in 5 years

9:42 AM Edited by Blony

Clearly, if this news release does not come from Samsung Mobile Displays, the world's largest manufacturer of OLED displays (organic light-emitting diode) active matrix, should be taken really seriously though ... but just enough so let's toss down the numbers that can be predicted within the whole optimistic.

The analysis of the company is based on the market for smartphones to grow to 500 million units in 2012 from 170 million today, and we represent almost 30 percent of all mobile phone industry.

Thus, dare to predict that within 5 years 50 percent of mobile devices will come with OLED screens.

Today was one billion mobile phones sold every year so if that number is kept talking about 500 million OLED screens (!), Which could really catapult themselves market mobile movies (do not forget that Samsung and Movies took the first step in that sector). And that without also predict that at the same time we find this type of display in 20% of digital cameras and 30% of portable gaming devices.

As if these figures seem somewhat real, we must remember that from Samsung said that half of its new mobile line will Touchscreens Grinding screens as S8300.