SWAP, another watch phone with touchscreen display

9:44 AM Edited by Blony

. With touch screens from 1.5 to 2.0 inches and a resolution of 176 x 128 320 x 240 px, the SWAp is a whole family watch phone, those who swarm and cease to be a novelty in the near future (when have one on your computer!).

Has a range of watches for men phone and for some women, some are very modern and others are very formal. how important is that everyone is beautiful and no one knows the price.

The family SWAP (swap: Watch and Smart Phone) have the functionality to be GSM tri or quad also comes with a 1.3 MPX camera, bluetooth, mp3 player and videos, contacts 500, 128 MB of internal memory and a microSD slot tarejtas that accepts up to 1 GB.

¿Buy a watch phone? you have to choose between Neutrano Nutec WristFone the Hyundai MB-910, the SMS M500, the Van Der Led WM2, the GT-S1100, the Phenom Watch Phone LG or the most famous GD 910 ... What you like most?

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