Vodafone One: the current promotions for extra points

5:21 AM Edited by Blony

After having informed of all promotions relating to the Vodafone One program to help you maximize your score and reach the highest value prizes before the end of last year (2008-2009), we return to advise on this since the early days of validity of the new program (deadline 28 February 2010). As the custom, in fact, the points can be accumulated in addition to the normal telephone traffic (1 point for every euro of traffic recharged, if rechargeable, or turnover, for subscriptions), even with the many initiatives of the manager or partner trade.

In this period we have great advantages by conducting their refills in "unconventional" or through the website or service Telericarica before May 3 2009: choosing to recharge your phone number online for an amount exceeding € 25, in fact , you will receive double the score that would normally awarded. Using Telericarica More or More Telericarica Automatic scoring is even tripled. The part of the bonus is paid within 48 hours of charging.

Recall also that by making charging, you can activate online, free, option Vodafone Family. In this post we are all the details of the promotion.

For a few days is also available promotion that allows you to receive 100 points extra Vodafone One program enabling online option Zero Limits. Bonus points in this case is provided by the end of May.