3 UK announces free calls and unlimited Skype-to-Skype

5:18 AM Edited by Blony

Last night in the evening 3 UK, the home of English H3G, has sent out a press release on the web (which seems the Italian branch is unable to do) in which open competition throughout the local and global calls Skype to Skype become completely free.

The first thing that most comes to mind is that there is already something similar with the xSeries, in reality there are significant limitations-as-large: in Italy for example you can not go over 200 minutes a day (paying a fee ), now in England there will be no limit!

From May there will be no charge or fee on the use of the popular voip software: all you can buy a SIM 3UK and begin harnessing the convenience of free calls between Skype users, as well as use instant messaging to chat, without royalties . Kevin Russell, CEO of 3UK, said that the communication through the Internet is undergoing a real explosion and that the company wants to enable its customers to have the same freedom that they usually sit in front of a PC.

Try the service is free and does not require to spend anything. A behavior very different from generic competition perched on old theories of plan-if you consider the case of T-Mobile (in Germany has blocked the application on the iPhone). Pay in terms of customers? Just to understand, when 3UK has 3 million customers, compared with nearly three times the Italian branch.