SuperTux. Clone of Super Mario Bros open source land on S60 and UIQ!

7:16 AM Edited by Blony

If you are also only a minimum fans of video games you can not not know Super Mario Bros., one of the most popular platform in history, if not the most famous tout court.

If we know SMB, you can not but be happy, but delighted to know that SuperTux, a completely open source clone, was also on covert S60 and UIQ by what is increasingly convert the 'developer Dream' by all fans of freeware titles, AnotherGuest. SuperTux is a game platform where multiplayer is not a penguin (Tux), guided by the user, must face many adventures in 26 different levels, overcoming obstacles and fighting against mobile 9 different enemies.

Want to relax a little? Do you have an S60 or UIQ phone? Download it. Absolutely;)