TweetCall allows users to dictate their tweets by phone

6:38 AM Edited by Blony

. Quicktate, the company specializes in voice-recognition services, has announced the availability of TweetCall, a free service that lets you call a phone number, enter a PIN associated with a single Twitter account, and issue a sentence that is published in the user's Twitter account. Another of the great services that are centered around the popularity of Twitter.

The service is fabulously easy and free United States only need to associate our Twitter account and then call 1-877-TWEET-CALL. There is a voice recognition service, with a text-to-speech partner that turns our words into the text that will appear in our account.

Another of the features you can use a service that is the possibility of sharing a single PIN associated with a single Twitter account, several people who publish with the same user without the need for multiple Twitter logins or share passwords.

Quicktate said that so far there is no cost to TweetCall, suggesting that it could become a pay service, or some form freemium, at some point. It also saves the cost of text messages that are no longer consumed, ensuring that thousands of fans twiteros use.

An interesting twist, and it became a true service mobile 2.0, it can link the phone number from which calls to geolocalizar, or in some way to identify the user's location. But that's too much to ask.