MMA achieved consensus on their best practices of mobile marketing

6:36 AM Edited by Blony

Four of the wireless service providers the most important United States have just announced the start of a process of consolidation of mobile marketing strategies taking into account best practices of the Mobile Marketing Association, which will ensure a uniform user experience.

This agreement, the first of its kind in the industry, it is crucial to the continued growth of mobile marketing represents a dramatic reduction of the costs of mobile marketing campaigns, reduced time to market and increased consumer satisfaction improving uniformity and efficiency of marketing campaigns in the four major mobile wireless providers in the United States, Verizon Wireless, AT & T, Sprint and T-Mobile USA.

To reach this agreement was also the great help of the major aggregators, brands and content owners, in particular, VeriSign, Neustar, Limbo, and Thumbplay, who played a crucial role in this process. The Committee on Standards of Best Practice for Consumer MMA will release the final document to the public in late June 2009.

The MMA is clearly at the forefront of innovation in the mobile marketing, we recently released his interesting analysis of prospective mobile advertising and mobile banking and now reached this agreement with the major operators worldwide.