Mail on ovi 1.1 with enhancements for S40

6:45 AM Edited by Blony

Nokia has announced enhancements to Mail on ovi, the webmail system with access from basic phones with S40, which includes 1GB of online storage until now, support for 12 different languages including Spanish until the corrector;)

What further improvements? The ability to provide rich text, ie fonts, headers, bold, italics and all kinds of format; autodetection URLs, mail addresses autocompleción and better management of contacts.

What promise? Ovi Contacts integration with and support for creation of accounts from an S60 ... because this is for S40 which is great if you look strategically and to the mass market of the S40 is the people who often do not have access to a PC but if to a mobile phone and this allows them to have their email account without any problems.