Racing Maps Nokia N-Gage prepares its location-based game

10:07 AM Edited by Blony

The location-based services are one of the technologies we are investigating more people from Nokia, presented as one of the innovations of the Research Center ... and even tested inside a mall location of Finland and is one of the developments that we expect bring this year.

At the same time showing Nokia Image Space (service for sharing photos, videos and content on certain sites) at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Mark Ollila dared to reveal some of the developments being planned in indtroducir gaming platform N Gage, making use of such technologies. "We are working on two pre-production of games based on the location, which is looking to play with maps. The question is the scale. Players just need to know if the other is in London, for example, or actually want to run through the streets interacting with people? "He said at the time.

And it seems that at least one of those games is quite advanced, and even named as "Nokia Maps Racing. As its name indicates it is a racing game where you could get the track's own map of where you are and customize it to run around and also to let other players see that and other options to create a community around game.

In fact, it is still unclear as is this game (which still could be considered as a mere experiment) but the important thing is that Nokia is investing resources into research on these technologies to benefit much more than just give us maps and weather forecasts for our places.