LG drops in sales, but much less than expected

10:09 AM Edited by Blony

. LG, the third manufacturer worldwide, has officially informed that he expected a 20% drop in sales this year. Today we know his first quarterly report of 2009 with a 7% drop in equipment, but an increase of 17% in revenue compared to a year ago. With that cleared many doubts, because it makes much better that Nokia has lost 19% of sales.

Speaking in numbers and reviewing the report of LG in revenue it went very well, grew by 16.8% over the same period last year and managed to sell 22.6 million of equipment by 3020 million dollars, with an operating profit of 6% which it was 181 million net profit.

LG is doing things right, recently announced its biggest bet for 2009, Smart or Viewty LG Viewty II, who hopes to beat some records, as it did with the LG Viewty.