Ovi and social growth as the key

8:56 AM Edited by Blony

. In a small reunion with Marco Argenti, VP of Media @ Nokia OVI and responsible end, we could see some more details of how Nokia is making it in the center stage for the growth of its OVI services umbrella.

The first thing to distinguish is that defined the scope of OVI; 5 areas include: Maps, Music, Messaging, Games & Photos advantages and where to go to compete against the rest of the market is more than just the leadership current market for smartphones in the world ... but still this side of ovi made will start to be preloaded on any Nokia phone ... even though the S40 and S60 on the Nokia N97 is the demo where you go to see some of the most robust store applications.

And it is interesting as Nokia is seeking differentiation to growth in two markets: a) Developers and b) consumers and it is this second point where society takes precedence.

What they call "Social Location" is actually a panel recommendations do not see where the famous list of "Most popular" as the most sold or downloaded, but as that but not large, but it sold or downloaded to your group of friends or contacts with people you like what ends up being an engine of social rather interesting as a store for mobile applications.

Now this, which appeals to consumers, allows Nokia to expand the user base to become more attractive in the eyes of the developers because the key is simple: distribution channel (which is the store embedded in all new Nokia) and agreements with distributors to ensure that the most important markets, the billing is done by operators, and the rest of the world with an international credit card and point ...

What is the endpoint to entice developers? The development platforms are not close to one and nothing else but: Flash, Java, Symbian, WebRuntime and even web applications, as the SDK for Symbian S60 5th Edition, does the rest? to expect the Nokia Developer Summit 2009 that is dated to 28 and April 29 in Monaco.