Nokia said that WiMAX is like the Betamax of wireless

8:59 AM Edited by Blony

. Confirming discontinue its WiMAX strategy and ending with a phrase killing WiMAX as an alternative mobile broadband, the CEO of Nokia, Anssi Vanjoki, told FT that "WiMAX will have the same fate as Betamax, the video format promoted Sony lost the battle against VHS back in the 80s, which reminds us the words of the 3G Americas Erasmo Rojas, saying that "the train is going to WiMAX."

While Nokia is a founding member of the WiMAX Forum and was the first mobile WiMAX phone for almost 2 years ago very little was learned that dismissing Nokia WiMAX as a viable alternative and discontinued Nokia N810 with WiMAX, and was committed to fund LTE, WiMAX finally leaving, so that the words of Anssi Vanjoki not fall on deaf ears, since it is a visionary.

In summary, even if Sprint, one of the companies that wanted to make more investments in WiMAX, is thinking about leaving and you're working with LTE, and passing by LG, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Nortel, Samsung and BlackBerry are working in depth with LTE why is not accepted once the general election one day and confirmed the date of death of WiMAX as an alternative for mobile broadband?