Palm Developer Network webOS SDK and services in the cloud

8:53 AM Edited by Blony

At the Moscone Center had a chance to see the official announcement of the Palm webOS still moving and you have the Developer Network and working with early access to the SDK for developers and even the strategy of services in the cloud.

To be sure, if you are a developer you can now have access to Mojo, the SDK Palm webOS in which the most interesting is to see the context of push content and notifications via the Internet at all Applications will be available, because, basically, is "the Internet cloud."

While the keynote was not served long enough to understand three basic things: the metaphor of the cards is to avoid having to explain what is the real Multitasking; Palm adds Synergy and unifies information from various sources and, finally, the push for content is done in background so as not to interrupt the user experience at the interface where you are working ... but I personally prefer to have a notification in some cases;)

Beyond that, the Pre and webOS interface on track and, along with Nokia, are the only two mobile real presences on the Web 2.0 Expo this year.