70% of mobile users surf more on my phone from PC

6:43 AM Edited by Blony

Few probably know the site GetJava, one of the first online stores for the application and the most successful worldwide. The site offers hundreds of thousands of applications and free games and not for the major platforms: Java, Symbian S60 and UIQ, Blackberry, Android, Flash Lite, Palm OS and iPhone (not for obvious reasons).

A recent inquiry addressed by the same company, owner of the site, is a very interesting result: on a sample of 2,000 European users, 70% of these said they have access to social network and surf the Internet from their mobile phones, more than do with Computers.

The new trend is catching on thanks to new software capable of turning, literally, a common cell in a do-everything device. For example through mobile browsers like Opera Mini or Bolt to the most comprehensive Skyfire Mobile or Safari. Even the social network have their native programs, like Facebook or Myspace to name a few.

The data show that 43% of respondents, their exploits outside the home terminal, for example on public transport, or the night before falling asleep on 17% or more but not to do, 14%. Finally, over 62% of users uses much more the phone to play, more than it is made through the PC. And to which category you belong?