ABBYY transforms mobile scanner OCR!

6:36 AM Edited by Blony

I'd Never thought you can use your smartphone not only to take photographs or video, but even as real OCR scanner? I personally know, but until now had never found many applications to make, mobile, acquisition of text from an image.

Now, however, the situation looks set to change, at least judging by the recently announced by ABBYY, who presented to the public its Mobile Engine 3.0 OCR software development kit (SDK) Release 3, to support, in essence, all major mobile platforms (Android, iPhone, Symbian, Windows Mobile, etc.)..

Thanks to the product ABBYY, will henceforth be possible to create applications that can capture text from an image, something quite useful, especially for business users (classical application notes that the data of business cards) but not all. The engine is capable of recognizing the text as many 58 languages, different alphabets (including Latin, Cyrillic or greek).
I say, I imagine a translation program that scanning an image, it extrapolates the text, the steps for the API Languages and return, finally, the translation into the language you prefer? ;)