Mozilla Labs. Announced new version of Weave!

6:46 AM Edited by Blony

Interesting new service to Mozilla, Weave Sync, which has just been released beta 0.3, and that allows, as the European software house producer of the famous open source web browser, an almost total synchronization between multiple instances of Firefox, both operating on desktop, laptop or mobile phone.

Weave in practice at present allows you to synchronize bookmarks, history and saved passwords and tab. This is a good idea for users of Fennec, to be able to always have your bookmarks available used desktops, but not only, as it will also help ensure that users are reminded and password, what that, on phone, allows you to save a considerable amount of time. All this in a safe manner, since all the data used for synchronization is encrypted before being sent to the Mozilla server.

It is a service similar to that offered by Opera, with its browser, but at a level of even closer integration between the different areas (mobile, desktop, etc..). Personally, from Firefox users, it is news that I am not sorry at all. But 'the top would be able to accommodate data synchronization on its own servers. You know what ... the safety is never too much;)