Youtube. Finally an official client for S60 and Windows Mobile!

4:55 AM Edited by Blony

Finally, a few days away from its mobile version with FlashLite player and after years of waiting and numerous alternative proposals from third parties, Google has decided to release the native YouTube client on two major mobile platforms on the market , ie S60 3rd Edition (anything for 5800 yet, alas) and Windows Mobile.

The new client replaces the previously available JavaME that off significantly in terms of execution speed, is still very simple, and can not even log in with your user to access more advanced services of the well-known portal. These features are quite useful, such as one that allows you to adjust the quality of the movie the kind of active connectivity (WiFi or 3G).

To download, just visit the browser on their mobile phones. In case you have problems downloading the version for S60, the guys at Symbian Freak have happily created a mirror of the file.