Payback for iPhone and iPod touch: a game in the GTA style

4:58 AM Edited by Blony

We continue to talk about games for mobile phones, and today we present a title developed by Apex Designs for iPhone and iPod touch: Payback. This is a game for the Apple devices, the weight of no less than 222MB.

Immediately provide the size, to anticipate how much quality is contained in this title. It is certainly not an original play, is inspired by the fact known and loved Grand Theft Auto. Rich in detail and 3D environments, Payback shows a top view in style "as the crow flies", and acts as the protagonist usually teppistello road.

The reference to GTA, is so strong that it seems to be back in time. The gameplay is exquisite: the 3.5 inch screen allows you to manage the scene, is controlled with the accelerometer is that the touch of a screen function keys. The price of the game is to € 3.99. But like any good product worthy of respect, there is a trial version of "lite", free of charge. For information and purchase, visit the link for the trial version here.