PosteMobile: For new activations € 10 free credit

4:54 AM Edited by Blony

Interesting promotion for customers of Poste Italiane group who want to choose how PosteMobile their mobile operator. Who will open by April 18 of 2009, a sim mobile virtual operator will spend € 5 but will receive much in return for € 15 telephone traffic: € 10 credit free.

The offer, however, is not at all but only to those who, at the time of activation, will combine the sim card to a reloadable Postepay or an Account BancoPosta. This association, as well as allow you to receive the bonus credit, has two other aspects that should not be underestimated: the possibility of using the innovative Streamline services (transfers, bulletins, telegrams ... directly from your mobile phone) and you can enable more effective versions of two Plans available.

For the 500 plan with all Premium is a saving of about € 2 monthly fee (€ 7 instead of € 9 Profile Base). As for the fare With all, the association allows you to activate the premium version that includes more than the basis, a discount for calls and messages to the numbers PosteMobile (6 cents per minute for calls and 6 cents per sms ).

The activation of a new sim can be done at a Post Office (where you may also have the chance to activate the promo linked to mnp that allows for the pricing, promotion is not available throughout the territory but only in some offices) or online. This option, however, is reserved for those who, having an account BancoPosta, signed the service BancoPosta On Line.

If you decide to proceed with this mode, the recommendation that you do is to check the promotional codes that are listed in the description of each bid and shall be provided in completing the form online.