HTC Magic: first direct evidence and comments on the new GPhone

4:51 AM Edited by Blony

. As mentioned here, we went to the presentation dell'HTC Magic, shown along with the Dream (aka G1) and the next exit to Italy.

Starting from the first information about price and availability of Magic, HTC still does not know exactly none of these data, but according to rumors, the output could be determined by Vodafone already for next week. The price, however, should be of € 449 for the version without subscription and between 0 and 199 € associated with a contract.

Turning on the Magic all'hands start with the physical characteristics, indicating that the version mostrataci was a prototype and the final will have a key anymore. Took over the Magic show light, ergonomic and pleasing in design and in the lines. The front displays the screen 3.2-inch touchscreen (with resolution 320 × 480 and has good brightness) and the control buttons along with the trackpad.

The rest of the phone is dedicated to clean lines and design with the presence of the keys for volume and the camera almost invisible on the body of the phone.

After the tour hardware, the software presents the classic screen Android home with a sliding side (as shown in the picture above) customizable Segond our tastes and needs. To go to the main menu, simply drag with your finger on the card, so as to have access to many pre-installed applications including Facebook, Gmail, Google Maps, Weather and Market, where to buy new programs.

Not having been able to prove the phone to leave the review to better describe the PIM software. For now go to your browser, available in both modes that HSDPA Wi-Fi and characterized by good fluidity and timing of loading and running scripts, more than acceptable.

In the navigation zoom is entrusted to two semi-transparent controls on the bottom of the screen and, of course, shipping can be done either in portrait mode to landscape. Remaining on the web, the Magic supports all major email providers and corporate mail on Exchange, and the maps can benefit from the digital compass to orient perfectly.

The touchscreen was successful and characterized by good sensitivity that allows us a smooth navigation through menus and programs through a properly sized processor. For writing we have a QWERTY keyboard for portrait mode to landscape and for that, unfortunately, do not have any feedback (or haptic feedback system used by Storm).

Despite this we believe we can soon get used to a similar writing system and to be able to compose mail and messages without losing a life. For the moment, our test will stop here, waiting for a sample review to discover the secrets dell'HTC Magic with Android.