Nokia Mosh closed after 2 years on the market

3:06 AM Edited by Blony

. Nokia Mosh service for sharing mobile content created by users, known as mobilize and Mobile Sharing Share or will be permanently closed after 2 years in operation and nearly 140 million downloads.

And according to Reuters is going to be the logic integration with Share on ovi and Download! as an integrated service on the phones ... now this is going to generate is a clash between the content generated by users and content / applications to be loaded on OVI because they are two quite different and contradictory concepts in accounting standards.

We'll see how the story but honestly it was time to begin to consolidate services at one time under the OVI


  1. Cross said...

    I really don't like this Nokia's Movement. I'm sad 2 see how Nokia is going 2 hell with Ovi. MOSH was a great place for sharing, downloading and getting excited with newest stuff and User-HomeMade Apps, Themes, Music and so on.
    Ovi will be a e-Commerce-like... Anyways, Nokia's the best atm. btw nice blog 2 :)