Windows Live Mobile is updated with new features

4:27 AM Edited by Blony

. During CES 2009, Microsoft introduced its new Windows Live Search Mobile few days and then automatically updates the one we have installed the Windows Mobile team There are some interesting features in the mobile version of Windows Live, I recommend accessing the address from your mobile phone's browser to see them.

Windows Live login remains as before, but quickly moved on to a section of "What's New", where I saw our friends and business contacts, change status, messages, updates and participation in groups or Spaces:

From here you can update your personal message and receive alerts when you receive email. All Windows Live mobile services are grouped, Profile, People, Mail, Photos, Messenger, Spaces, Search and MSN Home, some of them with renewed functionalities:

The mail of Hotmail does not have great change, the space either, but there are changes of aesthetic I like, the unification of the look & feel will be the next step:

The Photo application is very intuitive and easy to use, you can view pictures and galleries:

It also allows uploading new photos very easily:

The application of Messenger is the most experienced changes, is very successful because they have been able to capture the functionality of desktop messenger, or the mobile version, in an online application very stable and fast. They have enabled the login in different states:

You can maintain multiple conversations at the same time and home updated whenever we have a new message or a new conversation.

Here we must emphasize that we should have a link to skip conversation conversation, you have to return to the home of the Messenger to jump from one to another.

With these changes, Microsoft Windows Live seeks to make us dependent, and achieves part of its mission, because you do not need to install applications that use the Messenger and view photos.

IMPORTANT: For those who do not have a flat rate data, may access the "mobile experience" from the desktop browser, simply visit the site and see a simulator very sympathetic and real.