Samsung T459 Gravity depth

4:24 AM Edited by Blony

. Samsung a few years ago promised to be the first manufacturer of phones for 2010, remains committed to launching teams almost constantly, and above, being platform agnostic. We tested this new Samsung T459 Holice team said quite simply to segment young, mid-range and you want to be connected even if not always through the voice ... and that includes a camera, native access to Live Messenger and Facebook Fotolog thus positions itself as a "social phone" midrange, and despite the limitations of mobile plans not disappointed as a team.

The good thing about the Samsung T459: build quality is impressive, Samsung is the king of slideres and it should be noted here. Battery life, using it constantly the battery did not give up ever. The keypad is solid and the slider QWERTY complies with its duties ..
The downside of the Samsung T459: The display quality is horrible compared to the sun, the location of some keys QWERTY keyboard seems forced and lack of standard connectors is ridiculous.

But let's fund ...

Sound, connectivity and battery
Two things stand out the connectivity is very good, managed to take a second signal in a building underground parking and the sound quality is not degraded or became "metal" something that is common when a team starts to lose GSM signal ... . Above all, the battery (1200mAh) and walk the walk of the rabbit;)

Design and construction
From this side there is nothing to blame the equipment, a slider that is as I say in the video is solid and has the typical Samsung build quality that you can see the plastic on the outside but the whole mechanism of the sliding keyboard is metal and it feels good to touch.

The design is not new, but at least out of the common and, incredibly, in my case cost me a lot that I can not draw my nephews or my wife who felt very comfortable with the QWERTY keyboard which, personally I liked the side keys but it bothered me to some other location as the key area ... but, I repeat, is a slider and if anyone knows them is the Korean brand.

Using multimedia
Using multimedia is, in some ways good and bad, on the one hand and the 1.3 megapixel camera without flash and fixed focus are things that no one regards them as something good for the price but not much is expected more, and that compensates for the sound quality in MP3 player, as I said before, I am surprised even without knowing what kind of hardware is included.

In short: a good team for the youth market that basically covers the spectrum that mobile at the moment, says and does so with a good team that, if instead of saying "the plan includes 100MB of data and had to explain you can do with that amount of megabytes could sell much more aggressive and Samsung would be happy to reach its goal of 2010 as the leader;)