Investor Palm users will switch to iPhone Palm Pre

4:47 AM Edited by Blony

It is clear to which side is going to pull the inverter Palm, Roger McNamee, yet his statements in an interview with Bloomberg were very interesting to analyze. Is the founder of the investment that Elevation Partners paid $ 100 million in December to reach 40 percent in Palm.

"You know the beautiful thing: the June 29, 2009, met the first 2 years of selling the iPhone, and none of these people will be using it a month later."

In that sense, McNamee is very confident that Palm Mobile Pre is to choose all those who complete their contracts iPhone.

The smartphone WebOS be arriving at stores before mid-year and will be planning to launch at that time not to miss this great opportunity.

"If you bought the first iPhone, you did because you were looking for the coolest product on the market," said the investor. The question then is whether users will have the same perception when it comes to Palm Pre stores.