Solitaire. In gift for Nokia 5800

8:25 AM Edited by Blony

Here comes the weekend is what's better than a free game?

Solitaire, this is the title, as you already understand is a classic game of solitaire, made available by Nokia as an example of a source on its website dedicated to developers, Forum Nokia.

Actually Solitaire is fully functional and installed even by those who can not program anything. Simply download the archive that contains it, and install the file in the folder Solitaire_S60_5_0_v_1_1_0_selfs.sis content SolitaireExample / sis.

It will not be anything particularly 'futuristic', but as they say, a caval donato ...;)


  1. Online Casinos said...

    This is good, Solitaire game in 5800. I've been excited for this, since it's been a bit long since I'm thinking of what I can give to my sister. :D