Myspace for BlackBerry. Released version 1.5. Arriva the Italian!

8:26 AM Edited by Blony

After the announcement, on the part of Facebook, a forthcoming version of its client for BlackBerry, but Myspace does not want to be here for less and therefore also for the social network's best-loved musicians from all over the world there is a new release v1.5.

Let's see what's new:

-- You 'can now see updates made by our contacts and click this image to see it in them to full screen;
--introduced the notification of mail received el'instant messenger. You 'can now save your messages as drafts, edit, delete and / or reopen it later to modify them or send them;
--the bands can add the dates of their tour, and other items in your profile, which shows the next, including location, date, address and cost;
--Localization French, German, Italian (Evvai!) and Spanish.

To download it, as usual, simply connect to your Blackberry at