Mnp towards CoopVoce: discounted calls and messages until the end of the year - Restrictions to the numbers 3

8:22 AM Edited by Blony

CoopVoce expands its commercial offer by proposing a new promotion for all those who wish to request the porting of their number to another operator before May 3 2009: All new customers receive a 50% discount on calls and send messages to the end of 'years, on both tariff profiles that can be activated.

The discount promotion speaks to all of 50% applies to only 100 minutes of calls to numbers 3, 1000 minutes for all other fixed and mobile numbers and 1000 sms every 30 days. After the bundle available, calls and messages are charged according to your plan until the expiry of the period of 30 days this year.

As for the SuperFacile, what is best for long calls (> 3 minutes), the costs will be to:

--6 cents connection fee, instead of 12;
--6 cents per minute for calls, instead of 12;
--pricing in increments of 30 ";
--6 cents for text messages, instead of 12.

The other profile CoopVoce, Fast, more suitable for short calls (<3 minutes), will have the following characteristics:

--8.5 cents per minute for calls;
--6 cents for text messages;
--charging without set up charges and the actual seconds of conversation.

The promotion is not compatible with the promotion PiĆ¹Valore, the card services which can be activated using the points accumulated by spending and allows you to call all numbers to 10 cents / min, with set up and 10-cent pricing in increments of 30 ", and send text messages to 10 cents for a period of 1, 3 or 6 months.