Samsung offers downloads of TV movies and series in the cell

5:37 AM Edited by Blony

. As if he was still in doubt about the Samsung Omnia HD, the possibility of having a movie download service for viewing on your touch screen 3.7-inch grinding tips the balance in his favor. The same could be applied to other devices that come to market this year as the Ultra Touch.

I mean the Samsung TV, the store - "powered by Acetrax" - just presented where you can download movies directly to compatible cell phones from Samsung, desktop computers or laptops. Still, it was revealed that not mobile and not bear that kind of software that will install the computers.

The service will begin their journey in the UK and Germany with some 500 movies and series from Warner Bros., Paramount, Universal and Momentum pictures which include Dark Knight, Ironman, Gossip Girl, ER and Friends.

Then, Samsung TV would be coming to other major markets in Europe and adding 500 titles by the end of March 1000 and more in late June. The prices were around 2.49 pounds (U.S. $ 3.49) to rent for 24 hours and 4.99 pounds (U.S. $ 6.99) to buy.