LG GM730: Putting steroids to WM 6.1

5:35 AM Edited by Blony

. Apparently we're beginning to see the fruits of the alliance ENRE LG and Microsoft, which has image and commitment of all in November last year. And again reaffirm LG WM in the MWC with a couple of months ago.

DailyMobile Now I see in this video LG GM730, although at first it reminded me of other operating systems, mobile phones, then my attention by several details:

And to mention just a few details:

-The handling of events, calendars and contacts is well managed
-The transition visual surprise, though I would like to see it in hand, since the movements of the demo are supercomputers, and we must see how the interface reacts to the pressure touch
-Iconography and the clock on the desktop, but so so familiar ...

We still do not know when we will see this LG tank here, but we can revisit some of its features, from video:

-Windows Mobile 6.1 (yes, it goes to the windows mobile 6.5 is nice)
-256MB ROM / 128MB RAM (yes, it does not need more memory)
-528 Mhz processor
-Touchscreen display 240 x 400 px.
-5 Mpx camera
-FM Radio

In short, an all-in-one all-terrain, which will hopefully know more about its release date in our markets quickly.

Microsft Council: Do not continue pulling updates that are not such. It is better to focus on having good engineers do the job as in this case. Many people may wonder why it did not show such improvements before.

Finally, it seems that something is changing in the world of WM, LG now that we see a dispute like this to HTC.