Do they return the rumors of divorce between Sony and Ericsson?

5:32 AM Edited by Blony

. There are rumors in the telecommunications industry are a classic. We had already heard that Motorola was going to be sold, and I am sure we will hear it. Also happened with RIM, Palm, etc..

Now the wheel turn again rumors about the joint venture company between the Japanese and the Swedes. Although some time has been talking about the issue, a German weekly to revive it.

According to Sony Magazine Manager would be talking with banks to make an offer to Ericsson for the total of its share in the joint venture. The weekly also claims to have a copy of a bank where the internal mail alert to some of its employees on trends that could have the actions of the Swedish company if Sony took control of the operation.

As often happens with such rumors, the spokespersons of Ericsson issued no comment. But we will hear more of that item.