Mikz turn your cellphone into a server

5:40 AM Edited by Blony

Convener The Swedish company has just closed a round of investment by 4.5 billion dollars and will launch fully on developing their platform Mikz, which is expected to appear this year.

Basically they are trying to turn the mobile server, assigning to each device and generating a URL to the content of the cell is available on the web.

Will give you a URL to the mobile style http://mauro.mikz.me then, applications and services may have access to information is blocked and the device can use the APIs that are on the web.

Then, this data can be contacts, GPS coordinates, photos, music, ringtones and other files will be taken for the phone to find some kind of web interface that will create Mikz.

The company already is talking to both manufacturers and service operators to incorporate in the cell. Its business model is to sell and maintain these domains mobile operators could offer as a premium service for its users to have their own mobile URL.