Samsung M310 Special edition Jordi Labanda

5:31 AM Edited by Blony

. A couple of years ago, Jordi Labanda was very fashionable. In all the shops could find their products showed figures of beautiful women, and stylized fashion. From shirts to bags, going through boxes, pens and anything you can imagine you. It now appears that the boom has passed, but the style of the illustrator in Barcelona (but born in Uruguay) is still much appreciated.

In fact, Vodafone will sell an exclusive limited edition of the Samsung M310 is decorated with motifs of Labanda. The terminal, which will be on sale from April, will cost 59 euros in the form of prepaid and will be free for new contracts. In addition, you can purchase through the points of the operator.

The Samsung M310 is not too stressed by their specifications. This is a terminal Clamshell with monochrome external display, VGA camera, FM radio, Bluetooth and MP3 player. This is somewhat surprising when one considers that only has 4MB of memory and no slot for memory cards.