SEED: Story Of Kalikoop new RPG for iPhone

5:29 AM Edited by Blony

Mauro a few days ago issued a list of RPGs Free iPhone. Interestingly, I've heard today the departure of a new game of this genre for the Apple device. The game, which has been christened SEED: Story Of Kalikoop is a port of a game that already existed for mobile phones in Japan and Korea.

Like any RPG that price, the game allows us to get into the skin of a character and traveling the world to carry out any mission of vital importance. SEED has 22 cities and 150 different battlefields can use vehicles to move faster and use four different types of weapons and four magical elements.

Some of the peculiarities of the game are that the day-night cycle in real time and changing the appearance of the characters will change depending on their equipment and their weapons. I leave you with some screenshots.